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Our group programme offers a variety of interactive lessons

to improve your child’s communication skills

We have an average of 8 students per class, with a maximum of 10, to ensure that your child gets the personal attention they deserve. Students are grouped according to age and level and every effort is made to mix nationalities. With a focus on speaking and listening, the varied group lessons cover all skills, including reading and writing, according to your child’s needs. At Absolutely English Young Learners we believe students learn best when lessons are interactive and fun, and are designed around them. We help our students set goals and achieve them by:

• Making sure they are in the right class. We will assess their passive English online before they arrive, and their active English on the first Monday of their stay

• Providing 28 lessons = 21 full hours each week in modern, well-equipped classrooms, each with an interactive whiteboard

• Offering small classes with an average of 8 students and a maximum of 10

• Giving students a reason to talk through stimulating subjects, such as popular British culture, current affairs, science, music, business and media

• Linking lessons to the activities and excursions so that students can use what they learn in class straight away

• Teaching study skills to help students learn more effectively

• Giving ongoing feedback and holding individual weekly progress meetings to help students achieve their goals

• Sending a detailed academic report, advising students on how to continue learning after their stay

Our Lessons

English 1: improve speaking skills by focusing on grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation

English 2: develop listening, reading and writing skills using a wide range of the latest resources and materials

Project: complete a different challenge every week while developing teamwork, problem-solving and presentation skills

Practical English: learn about excursion destinations and study vocabulary and phrases for everyday situations during the stay, such as meeting new people, mealtimes, shopping and sports


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28 lessons = 21 full hours tuition per week

Individual lessons for specific needs – an optional extra to

supplement your group programme

Our individual lessons are ideal for students who would like to look at a particular area of English in more depth. Each lesson is tailored by our skilled teachers to meet the student’s language needs and priorities. Click here for more information.

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Our Academic Programme: What Our Students Said

Theodor from Germany: “Group lessons are good because it’s very active and you learn lots of English.”

Joan from Spain: “I love this school because in class we don’t speak another language, we speak English all the time.”

Chiara from Italy: “The lessons were interactive and with not many students in a class so it is better for learning.”

Defne from Turkey: “I think the academic programme is very good. The lessons are very visual. In my opinion you shouldn’t change a thing.”

Anton from Russia: “I love Case Study lessons, because at these lessons you do different projects.”